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Safe. Cost effective. Flexible.

Thinking of transporting toxic substances in dispersed quantities? Bulk trucking? Transportation of flammable liquids? Or do you want to take advantage of cheap rail transport? DETOX will provide the most suitable method of transportation, all in accordance with ADR treaty (the Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). 



Hydraulic  platform, Effortless  loading.

Roll-on Roll-off system

"Empty for Full" container exchange system. Fast and convenient. 

Efficient and safe transport of liquid waste

The safest and cheapest form of transport 

Tail Lift Truck or even a Van in some case, is preferred method when transporting toxic waste in dispersed quantities or waste produced by small businesses, packaged either in barrels or IBC containers. 

Suitable for high-volume transport of waste in bulk, in barrels or IBC containers.  

ABROLL containers can be open, roofed, or equipped with pressing device.

Suitable for transporting of large amounts of liquid waste, including flammable liquids.

Car tanks with volume of 6, 12 and 26 m3 are equipped with suction pump and a set of suction hoses.

Suitable for transporting large amounts of solid and liquid waste, including hazardous waste.  ​Preferred option for businesses with access to railway terminal. .

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